Inactive File Archive verification in the Faculty of Economics and Business 2018

On August 14, 2018, the Administration and Archives Division carried out Inactive Archive Verification activities at the Faculty of Economics and Business. The team that verified such as from the University Record (Rector’s Archives Team) 2 people and the Faculty Archive Management Team were also 2 people, the Team’s goal was to find out whether the information contained in the archive list had met or already in accordance with the archive criteria, they did cheklis and survey to see if the Archive In Active will be submitted whether it’s valid or correct. the cheklis is made to be used behind the day so that no problems occur. because the handover of the archive must be completely valid, precise and accurate.

The Faculty of Economics and Business Active Instruction File is 72 Boxes to be stored and handed over in the Administration and Archives Field of the Airlangga University Management Office consisting of Financial Files, Student Affairs Files and Personnel Files.


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